1 Usage of the Site

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2 Copyright

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3 Trademark and Logo

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4 Sending Information via this Website

Information, material and ideas sent to FREEPLUS via this website (referred to as “Information, etc.” hereinafter), with the exception of the user's personal information, can be employed to improve products and support services, development, manufacturing, sales, marketing and other activities of FREEPLUS and its affiliated companies. Though this information will not be handled as the user's proprietary information, its usage will be entirely at FREEPLUS’ discretion. In the event that transmitted Information, etc., is copyrighted, the copyright shall be transferred to FREEPLUS, and the author's personal rights cannot be exercised by the user against FREEPLUS. FREEPLUS shall have no responsibility in the party sending Information, etc., and the payment of consideration or compensation.

5 Disclaimer

FREEPLUS takes great care with regards to the information contained in this website. However, FREEPLUS does not guarantee the accuracy, utility or completeness of this information, nor does it any warrant the website to be free from errors, viruses and the like.
Information contained in this website, except that related to former or current facts, shall be considered “forward-looking statements”. These “forward-looking statements”, are based on FREEPLUS's assumptions and judgments based on current information and incorporate known and unknown risks and uncertainties. FREEPLUS's actual actions, results and operating performance may differ significantly from these forward-looking statements.
FREEPLUS is not responsible for events that may arise from using this website (and the information it contains), or the inability to use this website, including other losses (both direct and indirect). The individual will be deemed as using the website at his or her own risk.

6 Changes in Content, Service Outages

FREEPLUS may, without prior notice, change the content of information contained in this website or close the website.
In principle, users are free to set links to this website, subject to the following conditions, either for profit or non-profit purposes. However, FREEPLUS bears absolutely no responsibility for any damages or complaints related to these links, such as the content of linked websites or the use of these links. Also, FREEPLUS may ask the website administrator of a linked site it judges inappropriate, to delete its links to the FREEPLUS website. If FREEPLUS requests that a link be deleted, the concerned party shall delete the link with all possible promptness. If such a link is not deleted following FREEPLUS's request, FREEPLUS reserves the right to delete the inappropriate link itself.

・Links will be refused from the following websites:-
・Websites containing content abusive to FREEPLUS, FREEPLUS's affiliated companies or its executives, employees, products or services.
・Websites containing information that is illegal or may be considered illegal.
・Websites containing content that is immoral or that may run counter to social ethics or public order and morality.
・Websites that could be misidentified as the original FREEPLUS website.

7 Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The laws of Japan shall govern the use of this website, as well as interpretations of the usage conditions and their applications. The Osaka District Court shall exert exclusive jurisdiction rights, from the first instance of disputes with regards to this website.